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Hello Commanders, This is a forum for if you are hit.Commanders have been jumping around and attack people.Yes,I am one of those people but I have a few tips.1)DO NOT JUMP TO THEIR SECTOR!Yes I might be telling you basically that it doesn't matter you were hit,if you jump to their sector though they might have planned that and told their sector your tag(if you have one) User and Your Picture.If you do jump delete all of that but in most sector no tag you get hit.2)Hide Troops.Yes I might be telling you how you can kill me for instance but I want to help you all out.If you can hide troops behind your command center most likely Liberators it would be a big help.Most people can't kill those unless if they are around 40+ and have a blitz.Yes the blitz doesn't matter but that shows your base is hard to defeat.Liberators are one of the most OP units out there as of now.If they use more liberators they might win but they will have a lot of repair time on their troops.3) Groups!OK, if you are tagged you could mass jump to their sector but be prepared for them to hit you it might not be hard but they probably will if they are tagged. I hit tags before then people chased after me and hit me hard now I don't attacking except for no tags and for my sector.I suggest you follow these suggestions for help in the long run add and PM me

-Commander Mad/Cole

Stay Safe Commanders!!! 
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