WinMTR a windows based program that is better than TraceRt.

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So, Kixeye wants a tracert sent to them so they can see how your internet connection is doing.  But all that complicated code is giving you a headache!

There are many apps that allow you to see what is going on over the internet, but I find this one to work very well and give me more data that I can see in real time.  Its called WinMTR.  

Features I like
-copy text to clipboard - Grabs what I need to send to Kixeye support. 
-copy text to HTML
-Export Text - great when you have a lot of data you want to look over. 
- The ability to choose a host.   I use Kixeye default server address If you use you will see information from your computer to the web site.  Using gets information from your computer to Kixeye servers. 

This is only for windows based computers and there is a 32bit and 64bit version. 

If you have any TraceRt apps for Mac or Linux, please add them below.


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