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We need to talk. (Easier to read)

Depressed Thinker
Depressed Thinker
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Who is running this game?

We have Repeated events that are not explained or even advertised, almost like recycled. Overpriced bundles only 3 of which I personally seen have not been $99.  Pushing shady updates like oil increases. I don't mind if you publicly talk about unit buffs and nerfs. I love that, it ties to game play and unit balance. I hate this very poor use of a resource sink of just increasing the oil costs. You do alot of things right and I will be willing to talk to someone and share, on what you do.

I don't forgive you for the shady things you snuck past. It is not my fault, and that is up to kixeyes side to make good with. I'm really hoping this piece of art becomes fun, interesting, affordable, and loves its community to think of creative ways that make us want to support in at least minor ways we can all pitch in. Offer those best deals or bundles at a price which is worth a monthly fee. $9.99. Reward customer continuous loyalty and purchases with discounts or better deals at the same price, and polls of which content. Not $99 There is no way I'm paying multiple stacks of Benjamin s for a game with no goals, path, communication, lead, story, or direction. (I even got double charged in the past for said bundles. Check your credit casrds!)

I lost a good friends in the game and a lot of clan mates because of incredible grind and lack of resources to earn. I am not willing to be the whale for a game with  these. And I'm not willing hold the weight  for other free players who might not have jobs. They are not liabilities, cause if done right it can attract more players to your game and attention that it so needs and more people willing to put more bucks when not constantly pushed in there face bundle after bundle which screams pay to stay relevant or win. What you do so far which is right is have some missions that give gold or some bases in gold chest that give some of that premium currency. Which makes players more likely to buy more. Try offering packs that are smarter and daily mission that might give you gold after every 25 completed regular daily missions and give the standard 2 hour time limit to complete. Stick to 3-4 price points 9.99, 24.99, 39.99, 49.99. Be smart. Offer appropriate scaled gold amounts with resources scaled appropriately, common, critical, equipment cards can also be scaled. Do not be stingy because lvling up certain units brings up your lvl tier.

You need to work on the pacing on the best bundles as well. Maybe also expand and sell other virtual goods like voice overs of other in game characters or foes for your base. I know that farther you get in this game the more expensive and costly it becomes which is stupid. It's why I continue to stay at my lvl tier, despite wanting to play with cool units.
I am retired at the moment. I got a Xbox now. (DM for gamer tag.)

As for War Commander I will probably come back around October 2018.
Granted if Net Neutrality gets taken down. Then forget about any free to pay/play games for me. (I have a soft spot for holidays and zombies)
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