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Stryker and Ontos 2

Depressed Thinker
Depressed Thinker
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The Stryker supposedly The 3rd tier of the aoe and the ontos 2 is supposed to be the 3rd tier of the sustained. But hosestly I think this is completely backwards. The striker seems to deliver a constant rate of fire with little or no splash damage. While the on Ontos 2 works similar to the rocket buggy were a long reload for a big clip rips into its target. Obviously the Rockets are a little tighter but I believe that's a long shot crew calling it sustained. I'm pretty sure in a article I picked up that the original lead of the game Left to Amazon. I didn't think that something like this would fall through. That being said, reclassifying the stryker as sustained and the equipment along with the ontos 2 as aoe would make more sense.

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