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La Muerte Ideas

Joined Apr 2013 Posts: 4
As of right now La Muerte has become a complete waste of time and oil, personally speaking; although I would guess many will agree.  The set up is a nice idea although I have a couple thoughts to improve it.

#1) Remove the Time Limit.  Right now there is barely enough time for anything but some of the fastest units to get through the base and that's assuming they are alive by the end.  Being a strategy game the time limit takes a ton of the strategy aspect away; would be helpful to be able to use slower stronger units but doing so makes it almost impossible to finish it in the time limit.

#2) Better Rewards.  In particular Metal resources gained.  I am CC 6 and with as challenging as the base is its pretty depressing we only get 6,000 metal from it. Also last time I beat it I pretty much only got sniper components if I'm right. The original crates where we got lots of various components made the event much more worth while and would be nice to see it go back to that.

This most recent time around for the La Muerte event has seemed to be a bit more glitchy then times in the past as well.  I personally like the event but I hope we can see to making a few changes to make the event fun again.  Even having the bases on the world map and being able to build artillery around it was a nice element as well.
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