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You win Kixeye, you beat me

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edited 2 Jun 2017, 8:53PM
I tired.. I stuck it out. I had hoped.. But this game just isn't a stress reliever,  it induces stress and I just do not agree with the P2P model nor do I like your lvl system or the lack of oil to play.

Your battle system was fun but everything else was marginal or just dumb

Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
  • Depressed Thinker
    Depressed Thinker
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    Will miss you. You did the community a good service.
    I am retired at the moment. I got a Xbox now. (DM for gamer tag.)

    As for War Commander I will probably come back around October 2018.
    Granted if Net Neutrality gets taken down. Then forget about any free to pay/play games for me. (I have a soft spot for holidays and zombies)
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