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Metal Preservation

Joined Jun 2017 Posts: 2

Hey guys. I know this is a problem that me and friends have really been struggling with. I do hope that in the PvP player matching system, you take into account the fact that no one attacks players with low rewards, and that players with high rewards can hardly get a break. When a certain percentage of my metal storage becomes full, I find it very very hard to grow it more. When I leave the game and come back a just a little later, I see that I have been attacked by multiple players and lose much metal. This makes it SO frustrating to get expensive upgrades. I know people who budget themselves on buying gold JUST because of this.

  • Herb469
    Joined Apr 2013 Posts: 4
    I completely agree with this and has been a big frustration for me as well.  Between losing Metal & Thorium from getting attacked and with our Metal Factories never reaching full capacity I've found it extremely difficult to simply get much over the 1 MIL mark and much less keep it.  Now that the PvP matches us against significantly differing level players (I've been matched with a guy up to 16 levels above me,  yeah fat chance of taking him.) those high level guys can turn and walk over us with revenge attacks and there goes the Metal worked so hard for.  

    It would be great if we could get some momentum with this and hopefully kixeye can fix it to make the game more enjoyable for those who don't play the game for a living.
  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 17

    Well spoken GingerFresh & Herb469. This goes hand in hand with the poor matchmaking which we have sadly all grown very accustomed to. The latest 2.15 update improved the matchmaking somewhat. Now higher level players are taking slightly less resources from us when they attack us. However, it still isn't good enough. As it has been nearly a month from the 2.15 update, it is certainly evident that this is STILL a very big problem.
    Kixeye, it seems one of 2 things needs to change:
    1). Further reduce the percentages of resources that the higher level players can take from lower level players.
    2). Further reduce the large player gap that still exsists in player vs player.

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