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Hello Rebels! Today we start a Topic on the Planet Strike event, a newly introduced event designed to assist middle and low class players who are in the progress of acquiring Tier 4 and Tier 3 equipment, it started last Sunday, if you weren't online, you missed a easy booster if you are middle to low class player. Chris an Kixeye Moderator made a discussion in which lists all the equipment that were available and the points that were dropped by fleets so if you want to take a look at what you missed his discussion is under "General Discussion" section, i suggest you go check it out. This event in my opinion was the most helpful event I personally participated in, Kixeye was offering a lot of popular and rare Vega and Vsec hulls for example we have seen the reappearance of the Valkyrie Carrier blueprint which i got a hold of thanks to this event, and i also picked up the apocrypha cruiser a sturdy and reliable ship, and i also picked up all the Meta shields which probably have saved me hours worth of farming for all the blue prints. i could go on about what i collected because i have achieved plenty but that's not why i created this discussion for, I am here to analyze feed back, your feed back and together come to an general agreement in which is to have this events more often and run them beside bigger events for experienced players so that we don't interfere with them and vis-versa so we both accomplish a common goal to improve and get stronger without both groups stealing cargo or getting caught by policing fleets and accidentally keep someone from attacking while we sit for the timer to countdown. It also might be valuable for some higher players who haven't acquired some of the ship blue prints for example lets go back to that Valkyrie Carrier a few of my higher friends which are ship collectors were missing the Valkyrie carrier due to its rareness if they participated in the event the would have acquired it within 10 minutes with no pain or damage due to low fleets having high point drops.

Your comments and thoughts below.
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  • Tassie Devil
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    Brilliant idea and thanks for taking the steps to help those levels that seemed so forgotten by kixeye, Well done kixeye :)
  • PhantomRanger
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    I Think the event should have been a little longer. Points payout per fleet was quite nice
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