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Piss off with Gold Cheats

Eric Livesey
Eric Livesey
Joined May 2015 Posts: 4
Along time ago KIXEYE.COM was so upset .That now can someone cheat with gold .and up grade there men and tanks to the max and start to beat these player at KIXEYE.COM so they kick them off big hole in the sec . Now you use gold they jump in and down garde your men and tanks cos you beating the works that play all day and cost them not a thing so who's the cheat in this game 

  • YamYam77
    Incursion Leader
    Joined Sep 2016 Posts: 1,397
    it had been patched ages ago.....kinda assumed it as I havent been spammed by **** in ages. Dont assume everyone is a cheat tho as most of my stuff is maxed and that's down to me paying Kixeyes wages (yes I'm that dumb)
  • Eric Livesey
    Eric Livesey
    Joined May 2015 Posts: 4
    yes was  but happen today with upgrading my metal and oil was to go up 10% with gold it went down so needs a new fix you can check what I say was right 
  • Ahmed Algendy
    Ahmed Algendy
    Strike-force Captain
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 795

    No cheat in game noob
    No repair no upgrade no thing
    Not lie like abad one

  • xxCroftYxx
    Incursion Leader
    Joined Mar 2017 Posts: 1,154
    gold hack still seem to work for some things like res compression, which is why we have lvl37s with a max CC.  But unit repairs have certainly gone  thankgod.   Need the instant base repair gone next and all the cheats abusing it !!
  • CyberToad
    WC Mod
    Joined Mar 2015 Posts: 5,975
    Kixeye is aware of this issue and has enough information at this time, no further reports are needed.

    Please refrain from posting cheat/cheating, hack/hacking information in forums.   The information can be sent using the report a suspected cheater link and will get to Kixeye faster through the use of the link. 

    Closing Thread. 

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