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SO the world map 17-27 is owned by 3 or 4 alliances

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who's going ot break them down. Those other alliances aren't doing it.. The rest of us don't have enough oil to even make a dent into these walls of alliances, and obviously the rest of us don't want ot be apart of some mega alliance.

Numerous attempts by myself to recruit newer players in an alliance have failed miserably as anyone who did join quit the game before lvl 20 or the more than 100 invites I sent out went unanswered.. as most of those players are inactive.

so the question is kixeye... what the hell are you doing. if you do not open up the game so people can play you will never get the new players to stick around and you get what you have created a very stagnant alliance mode
Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
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