Hive 55 easy farming fleet with instant repair

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hello guys, this is a strategy to hit hive 55 with lowest possible tech and free repair , all you need is this : 
1-manifold level 1
2- creeper level 1
3- recharging shield ( Diffuser level 2 )
4-venom battleship
5- Fleet Bay level 9 (IX)

here is a video showing the way to hit hive with fleet build in description :smile:
note : its true it can be done with 2 click but i suggest to not try it in first time , you should watch the mini map when your close to hive the distance should be more than 1 square length to avoid hive Gatling ray , to be safe make it 2 square and start strafe toward hive slowly till see manifold start hitting them directly , its take some time to get use to it.

hope this method help you guys , its not a new method ( i saw some players doing it and i just copy it :wink: )

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    You don't need manifold at all. Manifold is not the easiest and lowest tech to get.
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    Creeper 1 is a must but any other explosive weapons will do if u dont have mani

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