Annihilator Setup

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Hi guys!!!
In a day i'll start to build my first annihilator bs.
My target is pve content so i'm focussed on reaper and barrage fleets.
I was thinking to build it with this setup for reapers 65/68:
Metashield 3
ENAL Heavy tal armour 2
Fusion trusters 3
Focused optics 5
Nova Ray 1x4
Nova Ray 2x1
Manifold 2
Net Torped II

But i was thinking to chang my net torped with Nova ray 2 too. Because reaper are pretty immune to stasis.

What do you think about?
  • spacejammer
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     I have not used the new battleship yet still building but looking at set up why use a shield it is gone in a second and adds an hour to repairs.

    What about the new beam weapon and capacitor which don't need optics and manifolds are more for squadrons

  • Orpheus33
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    i have new beam weapon but i don't have beam capatitator. i could take out manifolds and put in nova ray.
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