Operation: Smoke and Mirrors

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CM Sulaco 2
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Veng plans to lead his Highway Zealots in a scorched Earth campaign against the Survivors, Corpus, and Sentinels alike. He must be truly mad.

The Highway Zealots are infatuated with the Relic, an archaic Hard Drive from before the Great War. Malachi believes the Hard Drive stored the Machine God, which has now been unleashed due to its exposure to RUBI. However, no evidence of this is apparent, except for a mysterious gap in RUBI's memory banks which Malachi blames on the Machine God itself.

Kara does think Malachi believes what he says, but she sure as hell doesn't. She believes Shadow has answers, since she was the one to break the drive's encryption before passing it to RUBI. We must continue our campaign against the Highway Zealots, but also see if we can learn what, if anything, Corpus did to corrupt RUBI.


Smoke and Mirrors will start on Thursday, April 20, and will end on Wednesday, April 26.

Event Waves

  • There will be 2 Mission Tracks available to choose from: Main and Faction.
    • Main Missions
      • Progress through a combination of Attack and Defense Missions in a single track to unlock Bonesaw and Disruptor Component Arms Caches, Faction Mission Unlocks, Restart Tokens, and Event XP.
      • Final Main Mission provides a Restart Token
    • Faction Missions (Corpus)
      • Faction Missions can only be played after you complete the required Main Missions.
      • Only Corpus Faction Units can be deployed during Faction Missions.
        • Corpus Faction Units:
          • Oren, Apollos, Furies, Hades, Phalanx (NEW), Spartan ZK (NEW).
        • Other Rules:
          • Mercenaries and Special Op units CAN NOT be used in Faction Missions.
          • Missiles CAN be used in Faction Missions
      • Faction Missions provide Spartan ZK Units, Omega Juggernaut Parts, and Event XP.
      • Final Faction Mission provides a massive amount of XP!
    • Mission Browsing
      • All Main and Faction Track Missions can be scrolled through in the Mission Overview Window.
        • Scrolling through Missions allows you to see the following:
          • Mission XP Payouts
          • Mission Prizes
          • Mission Tips
    • Resetting Operation Progress
      • There are a limited number of Mission resets, use them wisely!
      • Progress can be reset at any time!
        • Resetting allows players to start from the beginning, to re-earn mission prizes available.
      • All players will start with 4 Mission Resets when the event starts.
        • 1 Reset Token will be earned from completing ALL Main Missions.

Victory Conditions

  • There are several different victory conditions for this event. All condition types have been listed below:
      • Victory Condition: Conquest
        • Destroy all Buildings
          • This does not include Barricades or War Trophies.
      • Victory Condition: Domination
        • Kill all Defenders
          • This does not include Barricades, Bonus Buildings, Last Stand Defenders, Drones, or War Trophies.

    Event Prizes


    • Unlocked in the Event Shop for XP
    • Unit Type: Light Vehicle
    • Faction: Corpus
    • Damage:
      • Primary - Sustain Damage (Mounted Turret and Spartans)
        • Move and Shoot
        • Can fire at up to 3 targets simultaneously
        • Moderate Range
          • Note: Moves adjacent to its selected target to ensure it has the highest number of targets possible, similar to the Scorpion and FAV.
        • High Damage
        • Targets Ground and Air
    • Defense:
      • The unit has built-in Adaptive Armor, which prevents it from taking more than 20% of its maximum Health as damage.
    • APC Functionality (spawned units: APC Spartans):
      • When the Phalanx takes damage or is destroyed, Spartan units (Area Damage) are deployed from the rear of the APC to provide support.
        • All Spartans spawned from the Phalanx...
          • ...use a grenade launcher, which deals Area Damage.
          • ...can only target ground.
          • ...are temporary units and despawn after combat has ended.
          • ...have their health scaled based on the Phalanx’s health at the start of Combat.
        • 2 Spartans are deployed as the Phalanx takes damage, at 90%/70%/50%/30%/10% of its Maximum Health.  These Spartans...
          • ...CAN NOT be controlled.
          • ...gain levels (and power) as the Phalanx does.
        • 6 Spartans are deployed when it is destroyed.  These Spartans...
          • ...CAN be controlled.
          • ...are ALWAYS max level.
    • Description: This durable APC has a mounted Machine Gun and carries with it a horde of Corpus Spartans who deploy as the unit takes damage to provide cover for it.

    Spartan ZK

    • Unlocked from specific Faction Track Mission completions
    • Unit Type: Infantry
    • Faction: Corpus
    • Damage:
      • Area Damage
        • Moderate Range
        • Low Damage against Standard Armor
        • Moderate Damage against Iridium Armor
        • Targets Ground only
    • Description: The Spartan ZK utilizes Iridium Weaponry perfect for mowing down hordes of the Highway Zealots!

    Corrosive Rounds Component

    • Unlocked in the Event Shop for XP
    • Unit: Juggernaut
    • Slot: Payload
    • Description: Attacks apply a Corrosive effect and increase Reload Speed up to 10% for the Juggernaut.

    Smoke and Mirrors War Trophy

    • Unlocked in the Event Shop for XP
    • This building is invincible and untargetable. You can also place it outside your normal Base Building area.

    Good Luck Commanders!
    CM Sulaco
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