gating 60+ was right..kixeye again killed what they repaired

Jan Fanta
Jan Fanta
Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 4
i dont understand base gating 45+...its no different from 40+...everyone now rushers with 6 punishers..2hits top defence turrets..with alien weapons that has no shield counter..while top defences barely take down punisher there are the EXAL..soon PROAL and ENAL...then kixeye made the elite joke so they can steal more hello? its a fawking BASE! base atack should be a freakin challange... i dont understand why kixeye listened to all those retarded crybabys that werent satisfied with 60+ only because they had no strategy, brain and skill to beat decent bases and rellied till now only on coins

since i started to play it felt like gating 60+ was first positive move kixeye made..well rip faith is dead now
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