War Commander Contact Information - Community Mangers and Moderators.

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This is a list of people who can help players with issues, answer questions and provide information for War Commander.

To contact one of these people for help, click on their name, this will bring you to their profile.  Once on the profile you can Click chat or write on their wall depending on what is available to you.

List of available points of contact for War Commander. 

Kix_LyleCommunity Managers

Cybertoad - WC Mod
SkipJack - WC Mod
Dobbba_Phoenix - WC Mod
TroyW - WC Mod
AxelL - WC Mod
DarkShadows - WC Mod

War Commander Discord Chat
- Click here

Click on any of the above people for assistance with War Commander related questions or feedback.   We will try to help you to the best of our ability.

Kixeye Forum/Chat Moderator

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