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My Favorite Backwash Hobby,"Base Rushing" if you dont already know how too or never tried here is a crash course on what ships you could use, weapon choices, and Formations; i will not have any builds in this post because not everyone has the material and anyone can base rush. "Lets get into it!"

"What ships do I use?"
The single most important thing to success and ultimate destruction is the type of ships you use, Top three ship Classes are
(Cruisers,Frigates & Cutters) These are the commonly used ships for base rushing, some suggest Battleships could be used but they dont move extremely fast and this can make it easier for projecticles to nail em, dont take this to seriously ive seen really good base rushs with people using battle ships your just gonna make it harder on your self if you dont know what your doing.

"What Weapons do I use?"
I would use weapons which cant hit anything a space in between the firing arc and your ships so pretty much all Energy weapons and some Explosive, Energy weapons are extremely useful thanks to high damage and low range which allows you to get under projectiles and some explosives and they pack a punch when the target is in range, Enegry is favored for the following reason above thank to love range high Dpm and fast reloads, i wouldn't choose Energy weapons that need to recharge after firing such as the Thermal Beam, choose weapons that fire quickly can fire many shots like a shot gun like, BurstRays AuroraRays and GattlingRays, Explosives are extremely helpful too thanks to there exploding projectiles they can spread damage to other modules and create clusters of explosions and create collaterials easier, Like Sicos and manifolds.

The Classic Box and Charging bull and Extremely effective thanks to pacted ships this allows your ships to cover each other if your enemy has fighters, and can allow your ships to squeeze between Mines if there is a big enought gap when using charging bull.

"Where do I put my ships in my Formation?"
For This Example we will be using 2 Revelations 2 Taipans and 2 Night hawks and the charging bull formation, your Revelation Crusier in the first row will be cruicial thanks to there Good shields and Armor and fire power allowing them to take hits and fights which would other wise cripple your Frigates and Cutters, in the second row will be your Frigates being the second fastest can push your cruisers to go faster and making the formation tigher, your most fastest the cutter can push the frigates fast which are pushing your cruisers which can overall increase the speed for all ships and tighen the formation making your clup of ships harder to hit.

Equipe the fastest Thrusters you have so Either Fusion thrusters or Rear Thrusters are highly requested and if you have 1 or more special slots put weapon boosts that increase shield damage,weapon damage or weapon range.

"How do I know when to use a rush fleet?"
Well if your juicy target has lots of medals and has lots of projectiles, of course if they put i belt of mines around there base to far to hit with energy or explosive ditch it and call for the sniper brigade its not to be tested ( YOU WILL DIE ) lets say your target has projectiles a few explosives and there are cavities in the mine belt big enough for your ships in formation to squeeze through by all means go for it! lets now say your target is a scrub and has all enegry weapons? why bother! call the sniper brigade and try not to take on damage why risk the repairs when you can grantee no repairs!

I hope this is somewhat useful to Newcomers, Middle class players and some experianced players! I Will post more advice, Tactics and Builds for those who seek for it!

~Your Welcome!~

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