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not supported device all of a sudden???

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I have been having issues for the last couple of weeks, sent several support tickets (if you call them that) and after all the diagnostics, tests, scans, they finally suggested I call my ISP to ask them if I could fix my latency issue. I did just that, called them up, asked them if I could somehow resolve the latency, they siad there was no real way to do that, I replied back to 'support' and this is what I get:

a response saying that my device is no longer supported, even though ive been playing on it for months....  can someone please answer me how a device can all of a sudden become non supported???

to add, I cant open that link given because it keeps saying "cant authenticate you" message.. I havent been on a crapeye forum in over 3 years. no wonder I can be authenticated
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