March Alien Decimation Briefing

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    @CM DOOMROOSTER A few clarifications if you don't mind. Thank you.

    1. Since "All Enemy fleets are Solo Targets only (No Co-Op)", are you guys increasing the # of harvesters spawning in phase 3? 
    2. "
    All Phase 3 targets contain loot that is guaranteed to drop ..." does that mean Mk box is guaranteed to drop or a Mk pattern is guaranteed to drop?
  • Collin Leung
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    aha… we all see where this ugly **** going now… u have a event filled with outdated **** expecting everyone to coin dat **** right before dis "coop" bait to draw the fools in with op flts but still doable at heavy rep, but now not only do we have op flts, u just had to more op flts and blueprints for us to farm our **** off and rob us of what little we have left in our little wallets
    as expected of dickeye…
    gl reb~……… fok u rooster

  • EQUINOX 600
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    More Elite bull **** for fat coiners with boosted OP fleets combined with low points and the need to sell your left **** to coin the reps.  If I was Doomrooster i would be looking for another job because lets face it he is next in line and next for the kixeye chopping block because kixeye burn through CMs faster than a 1$ hooker burns through condoms
           Those ships are silly the people would need to be the size of ants to use them.
  • CM Chris
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    I understand this looks to be quite a daunting challenge, and it is. A few gentle reminders for everyone, though:

    - Solo targets are balanced at a lower difficulty than Co-Op targets. Your task is not to face a level 95 Co-Op target by yourself. While boss targets will be extremely difficult (they are boss targets, after all), they are balanced for one player to tackle.

    - Yes, the latest Xeno ships with the latest Xeno tech equipped will be the most efficient means to destroy a target. As was mentioned at the start of this season, the highest level tech from the monthly events and various sector activities are subsequently going to be the best to use for the highest level Alien targets. They are not the only means to destroy a target, just the most efficient.

    - This event lasts for 4 days. A single boss target fight at the highest level will earn you enough points to unlock almost any prize in the store, and those are far from the only targets on the map. So don't go into this feeling like you have to completely clean out the store in a day, you have time and you have options. Plan your strategies accordingly. 
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    Just kill this game already ffs!

  • gkhlel
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    What this company does
    Why this level is too high
    Where will you reach this game now you will destroy the game
    Now they need a lot of money
    Must be re-naming of the event
    Special event for the rich only
  • dom.friant
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    I just want to say thanks again to everyone that complained away the DC suspicious cargo fleets. Sarcastically speaking of course. Those actually seem worth hitting now compared to this solo-only phase 1.

    There's the blank Basilisk hull missing from the last Decimation.

    Very interesting that the Decimator Elite gives sector speed bonus. Kind of like the old python pre-rebalance (can't remember exactly what it was though, and that was a basic hull stat of course). 

    I was very curious what the Harvesters were going to drop now that we've gotten all three alien swarms. I guess that explains why we don't have a punisher supply run fleet yet.
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    if the harvester are all Solo targets does that mean more will spawn so more people get a chance at them 
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    Bye bye and f you kixeye

  • Time Manager
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    @cm doomrooster

    Will there never be co op for decimation again? Or is this a one time thing? Being able to coop with players made this game much more fun than it had been. Please tell me that coop isn't going away.

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    And so begins the death of vega....

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  • Chris Niles21
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    What types of damage do harvesters do again

  • dom.friant
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    Don't forget that Decimation was always geared to end gamers. That is the lens I always look at it. I knew I couldn't hit a harvester the first Decimation. I hit exactly one the second. The third one I had a good enough fleet to go for three. Harvesters are the end boss. They are not supposed to be easy. Is this daunting? Absolutely. I have no idea if I have a fleet that can take out a Harvester this time.

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  • Gary P
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    Think Kixeye can't nail down the coffin lid fast enough on this dead, if not dying game.

  • Shrike157
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    @Shrike157 said:
    @CMDOOMROOSTER i like the way you set the thread out and i appreciate the extra information you gave us. All the gate going to you shouldn't be, people need someone to yell at. I'm sure you'll grow into a great CM.


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    "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt" -Sun Tzu (The Art of War)
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