INTSA BUILDS (Thermal Longbow Destroyer)

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Ok Vega Conflict players if you are new to the game. this will be a head start once you unlock the Longbow or the Thermal Beam 1, these are extremely effective at low levels with low resource loss. a full fleet can take on a lvl 27 fleet which will be a major advantage if you are looking to unlocking more techinology, lets get straight into the build!

Note: depending on the weapons you might replace the thermal with you might need to refit a Mk2 longbow.

Shield: (No Slot)
Armor: iridium Plates 1
Special: Focused Optics 1-3
Weapon-1: Thermal Beam 1/Other Energy Weapons
Weapon-2: Thermal Beam 1/Other Energy Weapons
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  • BJDware
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    I Don't know about longbows, but i personally started off with auto gens then went on to auto rancors. You can go real far with rancs as they can kill right up to lvl35 with the right fits and they are always handy later on as well.

    Genesis build:
    Great until you have Rancors researched and gained the Hydra missile Blueprint. Make a full six ship fleet of these and leave them on auto. I Made 2 fleets of these to farm out the BP's for the basic Ranc build.

    Basic auto Rancors;
    Same as Gens, make a full six ship fleet and leave them on auto. It is advisable to make five fleets of these so you can run multiple at once to farm blueprints. Use these to farm out Metaphase shield 1 and Gladius driver 1 blueprints.

    Second stage Rancors:
    Refit the old rancs with this build and keep bp farming. Some people keep a few of the hydra rancs due to the low repair costs.

    Final stage Rancors:
    These little guys are the best fit possible for rancs. By the time you can build these though, you should be beyond the newbie stage of things. They do come in handy though. I Used these for events at one stage and they did well. Even now i throw them out now and again whilst i use my main fleet during events, just to gather just that little extra in points.

    Auto insta farming Broadswords:
    Another auto fleet that can come in handy later on.

    Formations: Formations do effect how well auto fleets work. Cavalier is the best that i have found. If you do not have that, Line always works.

    With these builds, my newbie days were a breeze. These fleets helped me gain so many bp's in such a short time. Maybe longbows would have been better to use other than Gens, i don't know. They sound like they would have been. Good share tank.

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    Thank you BJDware for sharing Links for designs, i used them as a noob when i replaced my auto genesis's they were a improvement thanks to range and damage, i unlocked all the first tier with 5 of them and 1 classic hydra rancor, they worked great in combat and could go auto fine, they were very effective until i was using auto gladius Rancors.
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  • V e s p o
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    Longbows fitted with 1x Archer 1 and Focused Optics V (you can pack in a pulse ray too) are fun for attacking really low level bases.
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    i never tried that because i dont got the archer sounds really over powered i will be sure to try them when i unlock the archer beam, Thanks for the share Vespo!
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  • rangerrenze
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    I use insta rancs (meta 1 and plas 1) with iridium 2 gladius driver 1 2x and 2 1x and a lvl 3 strafe (manni's auto farming tutorial they van 2 click lv 40 farming for apoc with them

  • Master Uxi
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    Thermal 1, Focusing V, Cargo V, Plasteel 1, and Meta 1 are what I use.  Repair 5:05 each.  6 of them were level 30 but after the XP change are now level 25.
  • PeenusWeanus
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    I'm a mid low lvl player, this is my got to for broads:

    Higher dps (+10) than impulse, in Exchange for 675m of range, but i'll take that as nova has chance of spash damage. I have 2 fleets of them and they are monsters, the thing is that i have them equiped with FO II, and still they can kill cargo lvl 40 (vsec lvl 40 aswell, i think) now i've started refitting them to FO IV (just researched) and will se how they perform.

    The only bad thing is that you need Nova ray, which i got about two months ago. (best decision ever)

    Next will be Venoms (which are not insta, but still) with nova 1 x5 and FO V (once i research it)
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