A warning, declassified to benefit the rebellion.

Potential Threat
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Attention all DRËAD alliance commanders,

 Admiral Burr of rebel command has created a pact with General Gier formerly of Demon Corps now of Xeno division. Gier is known to us all as a butcher and tyrant. We know he is a construct of zynthium infused blood amber. We know that vega corp could not control his barbarism. We know vega is in possession of a mind control weapon that turned the ironstar against us. A weapon that has never been properly accounted for. We know there is a link between blood amber and the alien menace.

 We must take steps to prepare for the worst case scenario, the compromise of rebel command. To this end we are ordering the construction of triple redundant firewalls on all our c3 *functions with subliminal command analysis, complete isolation backups of our sybil assistant, and total harmonic shielding of all units from blood amber frequencies. Be prepared to operate independently for extended periods. Keep powerful defense forces in reserve if we are asked to assist in a major operation.

 While the allure of the new Xeno division equipment is powerful, it is coming from a corrupt source. Direct your engineers to find any "back door" that may exist within their systems. It is there, they must find it and relay it. Such a back door must not simply be closed, it must be sealed off completely.

Gier promised in his offer of alliance that there would be "no strings attached" there are always strings attached. There is treachery afoot and we will not be caught unprepared. Be wary, be ready, be strong.

*c3 Command Control and Communicate

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