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Kixeye are you doing anything to make this event worth or what?

Potential Threat
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Ok kixeye. Please pay attention. I'm a level 53, and I have beat el cucuy twice. For a level 8 stronghold payout to be level 4 is ridiculous. Taking in stride the balance changes, you folks did try to even out the field based upon feedback. However, if you are trying to inspire your player base to participate then you must make the reward worth the cost. Your designer on the el cucuy base walked through a demo with units we don't have and tactics that for us don't work. With your change to the economics of the game and drops for criticals lowered after beating overpowered strongholds, are you telling us that only the game designers who can gift themselves high powered units and endless resources are able to enjoy and have fun in this game now? The grind from collecting crust and resources was ok before because there was a reward for our effort, now there is no reward because the grind costs more than we receive as a reward. For your event, you MUST make the drop level correspond with the CC level of el cucuy. Tier1 crits on a level 8 el cucuy with a drop level of 4, doesn't do a player of my level any good because we already have tier 1 maxed out. I understand you can't not give tier1 crits on the drop cause its a random drop sampling but you HAVE TO INCREASE THE HIGHER TIER CRIT DROPS IF YOU WANT US TO PARTICIPATE. I await your reply. Thanks.

Ps. These are not my words but I second that!!

And stop giving us thing that we don't need at least, it's insulting, what lvl 50+ need rhinos, pks, riflemans, humvees, cobras, reapers etc

  • anarchyx914
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    Agreed.. I am level 64 and for me to be getting lower teir crits is absolutely useless. I would never attack another level 64 with PK units, S13, Abrams, Rhino, Cobra, or Reaper/A10. I would get demolished.

    They add all of these other junk crits to the reward crates because they want to make the overall # of crits seem impressive. They need to overall not only rewards to be better specific to level, but they need to overhaul strongholds as well, as they continue to give crits that you would never use for your level.
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