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Rogue Assault 2.12.2-2 Balance Change Notes

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Today’s update contains further changes to game balance. After last week’s update, the team has continued to observe behavior and read feedback from players, and we will continue to act on the valuable feedback we have received. Today’s changes serve to further balance units and turrets, especially helicopters and high-level tanks. The game team continues to seek feedback about these changes on the Rogue Assault Subreddit.

  • Significant improvements to the in-game support center. Players can now view FAQs and submit instant requests to support by tapping the “Support” button in the Settings menu.
  • New Sniper Unit
    • Will be offered as a random drop prize during the Boss Base event
    • Long-range Support unit designed to destroy infantry and helicopters
    • Stats increase dramatically through promotion so it is effective at every level
  • Balance Changes
    • Machine Gun level 7 and 8 increased DPS. This will increase defense against an all light vehicle assault in tier 3
    • Howitzer level 5, 6, 7 increased DPS. This will ensure even upgraded equipment units will not be impervious to mortar damage.
    • Railgun Turret charge time decreased from 8 to 7.5 seconds to balance vs. increased tank HP and improve transformer performance
    • Railgun splash radius increased to increase performance vs. stacked heavy vehicles
    • Railgun level 2-6 increased DPS to balance vs. increased tank HP
    • Salvo Turret splash radius and DPS increased to bring their power back in line with previous levels
    • Raptor clip size increased to 8 to get a little more punch against the upgraded health of defense platforms
    • Merkava DPS decreased to 1400. This change should bring them back into balance compared to turrets while being a clear successor to the Rhino and Abrams.
    • Cobra HP decreased to 4000 to be in line with comparable Light Vehicles.
    • AH64E Guardian HP decreased from 9800 to 6000. This solidifies the clear progression for DPS-based helicopters.
    • Hind HP increased to match new Abrams tank values (15000, 17000, 19000, 21000, 23000, 26000, 29000, 32000, 35000, 39000)
    • Mi28 HP increased to match new Merkava tank values (28000, 32000, 36000, 40000, 44000, 50000, 56000, 62000, 68000, 75000)
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