Alien Mobilization Begins 03/16 at 3 PM Pacific [updated]

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    so @CMDOOMROOSTER what made you guys think that lowering point values and increasing damage done by the reaper fleets was a good idea?
    • riot/legacy - easiest for everyone

    • feature - normal for everyone

    • mobilization - hard for mid-high-top players
    • decimation - insane for high-top players only

      thats how they make gradation for event difficulty levels, same fleets but more damage and less points for higher level event

      Sadly that doesn't explain this fiasco.

      Decimation had higher points per fleet until the last decimation event. Riots and legacy don't have aliens and cannot be used as a points comparison. Plus, only one feature event, the last one has had aliens/reapers.

      Not sure if you are trying to defend the reduction in points and an increase in difficulty.... If yes....then you really should stop defending or trying to rationalize the reduction of points..... even if they are different events... it doesn't justify lower points with higher difficulty.

      Higher difficulty.... sure, but the reduction in points is unnecessary and a new theme since every decimation (the hardest event for all) had its points reduced drastically.

      For your records:

    Previous to last decimation points payout for solo hives:

    40: 8,151

    45: 11,340

    50: 22,680

    55: 34,020

    60: 56,700

    65: 79,380

    70: 113,400

    Last decimation points payout for solo hives:

    40: 500

    45: 850

    50: 1,500

    55: 2,500

    (Along with more difficult event fleets)

    The old hives aren't Tier 6 content. They were kept simply as a courtesy to people who do not have Xeno hulls. But they cant give them higher point payout or they would trivialise the more difficult content and the people farming them would be the high level people as it can be done for free. Kixeyes business model do not include giving us the high level content (mobilisation and decimation) for free. Thus when implementing the more powerful T6 content, they have to increase event difficulty at the same pace to keep us paying. Also popularly known as power creep.

    Its a F2P/P2W game, there is nothing that's really free in this business model. If we want to keep up we always pay more than we would in a buy to play game or a subscription based game where everyone pays the same and got access to all the content and you at most pay for new expansions every year. That's the point with this business model its more lucrative on a smaller player base and you can adjust the aggressiveness of the gating of the game to improve the flow of "micro transactions". Vega is one of the most aggressive examples.

    Thus your points complaint aren't logical in the reality we are all playing right now. What we see with the points may seem outrageous to us, but from the standpoint of the state of the game we are all willingly playing, asking the points payout to change is the really outrageous suggestion.

    Nonsense! Did you even read the forum in the last few days?
    If you did and you still think its outrageous what the majority of players are saying or voicing their concerns about, then there is something wrong with you..
    You are an uber coiner who just don't want others to succeed and enjoy this game cuz you got a lot of money into it, and its still not letting you dominate as easily as you feel it should.

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    @spaceman108 @Heliosa @AngelOfVerdun Now you guys are mixing your own personal feelings about this system with the actual logic behind it. Im not trying to justify anything. This isn't really a matter of what's justified and what's unjustified. Its not a matter of what's right and what's wrong. This is just how these kinds of aggressive Free to play pay to win games work. Its their nature and its a well known business model so its not a terrible secret. You can not claim anything kixeye does are wrong with that in mind. Instead its any player who did not research the game in advance before starting to play it that should blaim their own choice in the matter if they are still here and aren't having fun. Nothing is truly free on the internet, not even enjoyment.

    This is the game we have. It will not change because all these mechanics are built into its core from the ground up. Im still here because I still find it moderately interesting and I don't care about winning. But the very second I get bored, or annoyed with some part of the game, I will quit. Because I know full well what I have gotten myself into and that its not something we can change. I coin moderately or there would be no point to be here, thats also part of the way these kind of games work. I play plenty of Buy to play and subscription based games as well knowing full well that I get what I pay for there as well. Do I play any free games? No, because they don't exist.

    Can you guys say the same and still post your concerns thinking it matters? I doubt we will see an eye to an eye on this so I suggest we just agree to disagree.
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    To them we are the aliens

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    Is fighting and dispair all you know?
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    GDIAX said:

    @Spask Crondusk said:
    please bring dead space atmosphere to Vega Conflict, that will be awesome to have all kind of hybrid weapons and tech for killing off the Morphing Zombie from Vega Experiments that gone wrong as it wreak havoc in our sector grounds.... :p RUN FOR YOUR LIVESSSS, NECROMOPRH EVERYWAY, THEY ARE EVEEERRRYYYWHEERRREEE.

    I swear i could have killed one of those in my assassination attempt.

    you can't, they are everywhere, nightmare on a fetish when it comes to necromorph. they will spawn everywhere you go as you kill them, and as always unpredictable.
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    stop the fooking coiner event's, only with ship's and fleet's was buy with coins you can over the new event's, the damage is huge and insane, and say this because the next event, will probably be just like now,,, the same ****    ¬¬.

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    You couldn't put this in all the other threads complaining about the same ****?
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    Yeah the coiners event will finish within approx 7 hours from now... you should have posted this earlier :/

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    I will never understand the Kix fan boys. I guess makes sense with Kixeye logic and some Kool-Aid.. some 30,000 players have left because of this logic according to counter in this forum. and a lot of active accounts have become alts or sold to some hopeful new player who has only outdated tech to show for it. the mechanics of this game have always been a bit skewed, but at least there was some consistency and balance in the past. now its just so bad and seems to be getting no better. the game doesn't have to be like this. the mechanics built into the game are fine and could easily be changed to make a more balanced fun game that caters to the masses rather than the unstainable few. I understand we will get what we get from Kix and have to play/or not play accordingly. the game is worth some money, but has been getting worse and worse since the great rebalance. all we can do is voice our opinions. sure given the track record it probably wont make a difference. but its all we can do. no one is asking for a free game, just one that is worth playing and paying for. not one that continually increases damage, rep time and cost, while significantly reducing the value of everything we have already spent time and money on. these actions make the game un playable because ships are reping, un affordable because the coin deals and play expense are out of control, which leads to an experience that is un enjoyable.... how is this supposed to be profitable??? yep I still play, I spend a small amount of money on the game because I think it has potential, but I have less and less faith as time goes on it will ever reach that potential. I want a reason to spend more for good value. please Kix start listening to your players again. make the game fun for all. give more people a chance to spend smaller amounts of coins for a larger return. do I think it will happen? not likely
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    This is arguably the worst event yet. The highest level fleets are pretty much strictly for heavy coiners. Co-op fleets were a great idea, and they're relegated to an afterthought. The point payout on them makes them virtually worthless. Reapers were harsh enough in the last couple events now they are an even worse point payout.

    Kixeye needs to stop throwing new content at us almost every week especially if it so massively favours heavy coining. Add to that sudden large balance changes. It takes the fun out of it and makes even high coiners question the value they get.

    If kixeye were interested in encouraging pvp then civil war would have much better prizes...

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    This is the first mobilization that I haven't even bothered to try get anything and I would normally clear the store. The difficulty/repair time VS point payout/reward is just getting insane. Kixeye has really taken this crap to a new level.

    I give up, out!!!
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    Jim Bo said:

    Co-op fleets were a great idea, and they're relegated to an afterthought. 

    That's a good point. Alien events were originally intended to be a co-op (according to those that spoke for Kixeye), so it is rather ironic that the new alien fleets in mobilization and decimation are not co-op. I'm kind of hoping for co-op reapers, or something else co-op to show up (it was too bad the co-op DC fleets in Decimation weren't really worth hitting). I don't really miss the old hives as those we're not fun doing solo for me. Only time I really had fun with them was doing co-op, but as you say, that's not worth the time at this point.

    I really don't see the point of having three events with almost the same fleets. Since aliens are the main events, and Decimation has harvesters, might as well drop Mobilization. Then the special event could have been over the weekend instead.
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