Newest low tech reaper 60 fleet

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We are back with my latest update on reaper 60 killing. I am still using thermal 2 venoms, but it seems to me that the reapers were buffed overnight. so I made an improvement - changing cargo 5 to rota 5.

Current build: Venom battleship

Spectral 4, iridium 4 x 2, focused 3, thermal 2 x 5, rotation thrusters 5.

Formation is box. squeeze in real tight then click on the closest reaper to you. Don't let the venoms go on auto tho - they will die. instead turn your venoms so that all 6 face the reapers with their guns. Keep doing this till its dead, then rinse and repeat. Make sure that your venoms are always trained on the target -  or ull die cos ur dmg is too spread out. Focus fire fixes this.

Happy farming guys!

[DoC]Cosmic Circus inspired my improvement to the fleet.

P.S. Burst venoms r too short ranged to hit target. However, disrupter 5(42 dps) can be used instead of thermal 2(38 dps). And hope they don't get buffed again XD

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