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Stop making so many friggin' changes !!!

Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 19

Kixeye come on man ! Since last update changes were made just a few days ago you make more changes and lowered the dps on reapers and tbolts significantly and increased the dps on machine guns and flaks. Just make up your minds and stick to it ! It's obvious you are designing the game to cause more damage/repair cost to us. You don't care but players spend a lot of time and real money on these upgrades for you to wreak them !

  • DumpsterCombo
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 10
    Tbolts were unchanged. Miniguns were unchanged(unless you're including the 2.12.1 update). Only thing they nerfed were Reapers. Flaks were buffed. Now you can only take out 2 structures with air, which is GOOD.

    If anything, Tbolts were buffed. They used to do ~872 damage, but now they do 1021 with a 10x multiplier.
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