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Rogue Assault 2.12.1 Release Notes

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Today’s update includes several changes that will have widespread impact across all aspects of Rogue Assault. These changes should further clarify the strengths and weaknesses of each unit and turret class. Unit Promotions have been changed to grant exponentially more HP/DPS than the previous level. The team is actively looking for feedback on these changes. Please direct your feedback to the Rogue Assault subreddit at and the development team will see your comments!

  • Free Crates can now be found in the Shop screen
  • Lowered gold costs of all components and equipment
  • Balanced component drop rates with target difficulty and unit/equipment upgrade costs to match benefits
  • Redeploy Tokens can now be used in strongholds to fully repair your platoon and allow you to continue the attack
  • Adjusted Stronghold difficulty so certain maps are no longer over/under powered.
  • Strongholds now use the same crate system as Player bases and now drop Bronze, Silver, or Gold boxes at all levels. Contents are determined based on stronghold level.
  • Removed component storage limits
  • Unit Balance Changes
    • All tier 1 (Riflemen, Rhino, S13, etc...) unit DPS/HP has been reduced slightly at lower promotion levels but increased at higher promotion levels
    • All tier 2 (Machine Gunner, Abrams, Rocket Buggy, etc...) units have increased DPS and HP
    • All tier 3 (Force Recon, Merkava, Stryker, etc...) units have have increased DPS and HP
    • Stryker and Rocket Buggy Speeds now match S13 speed
    • Riflemen, Gunners, and Force Recon have all had their speed matched
    • All Tanks speed and reload time have been matched
    • Cobra and Guardians damage has gone up
    • Hind and Mi28 HP has been normalized with Tanks and will now deal damage in bursts
    • Reaper Drone health and damage have been increased significantly
    • Production buildings (barracks, war factory, and helipad) now all have matching health
    • Defense platform health has been decreased at level 1 but increased at higher levels
    • Command Center, Power Plant, and Transformer HP has increased
    • Machine Gun turrets have decreased in damage at level 1 and 2 but increased in damage at higher levels. Damage vs. infantry and light vehicles has increased but damage vs. air and heavy vehicle has decreased
    • Mortar turret damage has increased and are far more deadly to light and heavy vehicle
    • Railgun turrets damage has increased but their splash radius has gotten smaller, railgun turrets turn much slower
    • Flak turret damage has increased but remains relatively the same compared to air units
    • Salvo turret damage has been decreased as well as the rocket count from 16 at higher levels to be consistently 8 at all upgrade levels, salvo turrets turn much slower, salvo is far more deadly to infantry and air, salvo splash radius has also been slightly reduced

More background information is available on the WC:RA podcast episode #3:

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