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    Yes we need to be able to refit and build ships at same time. Hopefully it's in todays update

     :D  :D:D  NOT a shot in all of hell....
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    Who cares about VOID. 

    Here, daily bump!

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    Mother F'ing Refit Bay, Please??

    figured i'd try.   *awaits thread deletion or move*.  Sad that it's come to this.  
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    Why try when you know it aint gonna happen :p

    just existing at this point

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    @Cyrus Leung said:

    @xRegis said:
    Can I say I love your graphic?

    Anyhow lets access the Goods and Bads + The Worst about the Ship Builds & Refits.

    The GOOD:

    • Half Time - Less Time is needed for 2 Builds, whether it takes days or hours. That time is cut in half what it would take.

    • Build One, Refit the Other - Always needed to build a ship or something take takes forever? Well that and you now have a spare to refit sparely or even just coin because you only needed to refit a short amount of time.

    • Its Logical - Your whole stupid Ship Factory can only work on one **** ship? Must be full of "hardworking" engineers and mechanics there. This effectively makes your factory effective by... lets see... one.

    The BAD:

    • Less Coining? - That's exactly what Kixeye would suggest. But in fact more coining be involved because of another bay being used for just quick refits while the other builds hull or attaches an Inferno Weapon.
    • Build Times - Another problem for Kixeye would be whether and how much times change. In Clash of the Clans, all troops were reduced to a small faction of about 5 minutes or less, but of course in VEGA ships are not expendable to be rebuild like troops on Coc. That's why we have repair times because other random factors are also in place that we have no idea how to calculate most of the time inside this game. Scavenge hunt.

    The WORST:

    • No Real Answer - The worst part of this is that it benefits Coiners so much more which in turn helps Kixeye and they model themselves to the coiners anyways. They give us no real answers and solutions on this and constantly refuse to deal with anything that will help the slightly with people who don't really coin. So the real question like it always is should be, "Why do you believe it "truly" shouldn't be implemented?".

    Now that is a well-written response. Keep it up! ;)

    Now only if Kixeye employees would heed these types of responses... But that's a cluster-marshmallow of a different color.
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    I'd love a refit bay or even a second slot on ship factory but the only way we will get one is as follows:

    Lord Lucan riding into the dev's office on Shergar carring the original Zapruda film
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