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Game Crashing, Win Rate, and Oil Cost

Dai Combo
Dai Combo
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edited 4 Mar 2017, 12:55AM
Although infrequent, the random app crashes DO happen. Why does it count towards our win rate and why does oil still get subtracted? Is the game unable to differentiate between a crash? Why can't we resume from the last spot where we crashed? Resuming from last spot stops rage quitters too since they have to take the loss, but then it allows people that have a crash to not be frustrated in tanking their record and losing oil for no reason. To stop their defender's HQ from being stuck in an attack queue, set the time to reconnect as 5 minutes.

In other words, everything that isn't a Surrender/End Battle, Time out <70%, or utter defeat, should be applicable to the reconnect.

Please consider adding this feature in your "big change", since this one will make players happier than the supposed S-13 and Rocket Buggies nerf...

I know i should probably post this in the suggestions area, but general discussion seems the more active part of the forum.
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