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Listen To The PodCast from 3/1/16 Lot's Of Good Changes Coming!

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Repair tokens for replays requiring no oil
Game re-balancing~ Unit balancing
S-13 changes and Rocket Buggy Changes
Turret Changes especially to light vehicles
Reaper changes making them more effective
Costs for building and upgrading Units- Increasing drop rates with critical
Higher level upgrades will get a lot more powerful with an uptick in costs but higher drop rates of critical drops
Stronghold Tweaks Balancing of them and adding bronze, silver, or gold crate instead of the same kid always
Redeployment tokens allowing you to replay for free, no oil needed
Adding Gold to all Gold grates.  You will get critical you have always gottne and get Gold as well for better game play
WarZones & IPs are addressed and there are plans in place to make those changes

Check it out and see what is new coming to YOUR game.

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  • Ahmed Algendy
    Ahmed Algendy
    Strike-force Captain
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    But token in outpost it give 26 only ,and that not good
    And system kixeye make ,it give us more bronze
    And rare gold one
    ,,we need outpost give more token

  • Neil Crosby
    Neil Crosby
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Sep 2011 Posts: 118

    Thanks for early raid date in March, now can you get all raid prize list out soon as can, thanks

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