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Secure your account immediately, do not become another statistic!

There have been a lot of players who have reported their accounts being hacked lately. Most of this is due to Phishing, Sharing or poor password management.

Phishing is when someone sends you a link, you enter your login and password for your Kixeye account, and poof, you have been hacked! Well ok, you just gave away you account, cause sharing log and password is against the Terms of Service.

Sharing your login credentials, with a friend, family member or someone who is suppose to help you, is another way to lose control of your account. Remember, you are responsible for your own credentials and if you give them away to someone else, you may lose your account.

Poor password management. Never use a password that is easy to guess. God, password, 12345, and other simple passwords are too easy to guess and you could lose your account. Never use your name, personal information that is on your account or simple words or phrases that are simple to guess. There are many "detectives" out there who are very good at finding these types of passwords.

Actual Hackers are few and far between. Most do not target video games, and most find it more profitable to assume your identity where money is involved.

PLEASE secure your Facebook and Kixeye accounts today, do not become another statistic!

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