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feedback on event

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Disappointing. I am a lvl 31 with a CC lvl5. The first time I tried to attack the SH I failed, used my free tokens for second attempt and couldn't quite finish it. To get enough tokens to have a second attempt a second time I destroyed 56 outposts only to find you had increased the difficulty of the SH. Again I could not destroy it in 2 attempts. As the tokens are capped at 1500 I didn't have the option of saving up enough to have 3 tries, money or no win. Now it is true that I am not the best attacker in the world, but given the variance of player level on any one map, I can not understand the thinking behind this event. People at the top end lvl for a map will clearly have an easier time of it than someone who has just levelled up to join it. To make it an all inclusive event the stronghold should not have been set for the map in my opinion, it should have related to player level. As for changing it mid event, I am so annoyed. I feel with the experience I had first time round I would have been in with a chance next time, but no, you changed it. So what we have now is a situation where the strongest just got a lot stronger as they completed the stronghold several times, and the weakest get left further behind. Not good for game balance.

I am already having to play catch up after the changes made to xp which meant I couldn't get the same strength of offence or defence at the same level as a player who started earlier than I did . Now these stronger players will have even stronger troops. It's disheartening to be honest.
  • drlgamer
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    They took down my guide on how to beat the higher difficulty lvl 6 strongholds in under an hour lol. They are on top of it when making sure the good players can't win and the people who are struggling have no chance. If it comes to feedback about platoon imbalance or some other aspect of the game, it is like talking to a wall
  • enmity
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    I have to ask why there was a CC6 event base & a CC8 event base but no CC7 event base. Try making that transition!

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