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[Release Notes] Update 2.12 (02/09)

CM Scarlett
CM Scarlett
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Today’s update includes changes to Mine stats, and includes support for upcoming iOS and Android app releases. Here are the details:

  • Increase all Mine DPS

  • Increase Vehicle Mine fire rate

  • Mines will now only damage their stated unit type

The following items will be contained in the 2.12.0 iOS and Android App updates that will be available to all next week:

  • New dynamic offers

  • Daily free crates

  • Premium crates can now contain resources

  • KIXEYE representatives and Moderators will be identified in chat

  • New Thorium Mine FOB layouts

  • Players will now be able to move from insertion point through their alliance-owned FOB blockades

  • Chat filter can now be toggled on/off

  • Anti-infantry and Anti-vehicle mines will now have different images in combat

  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

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