Story of the Start of the Rebellion (From the Perspective of a long term Active Veteran)

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It has been long since i have told this story, a story of struggle, then and now, i was one of the first 200,000 Rebels of what is now nearly a 20 million power struggle, but where it all started was when the first few believed in a better life ... the Vega Corporation were tyrants ... and would do anything to force their people to bow down to them.  They would force their military to Die before even considering retreat. Their Cruel Work Force Labor Camps never let rest to those who fell.  Their overlords never showed sympathy to the weak and hungered.  

This is why we fight.  For the good of hope and for the day to see that one day VEGA will fall.

As a former Vega Military Vissor i finally decided enough was enough ... i knew there were resistances throughout our stronghold that i could go to, so i decided it was time to take an escape pod to the outer reaches of the mining corporation where the Rebels still held out. 

I looked around my little 1 bedroom apartment that i had been assigned when i was forced to join Vega so many years ago ... i knew i couldn't carry everything so i went to the fridge and peered inside ... "great, shoulda picked up groceries first" i said to myself as i pulled out the last can of Varolyne (which is the equivalent of Diet Coke), i went over to my dresser picked up the duffel bag i had bought using what little money i had left over from last months pay check and tossed it on the bed and proceeded to fill it with the meager articles of clothing i had.

Once Filled the bag was still sagging down the middle like nothing had been stuffed into it... i guess that'll have to do, i thought to myself.  i opened the can of Varolyne and took a swig, ugh ... just what i needed ... its flat.  deciding against my better judgement i finished the can and went to open the front door of my apartment and looked down both ends of the hallway ... good nobody to see me as i headed toward the launch bays... i shut and locked the door behind me so that when i was needed next they would think i had just slept in and forgotten like i had so many times before when it was supervising day at the Log Farm.  

As i made my way down the hall towards the launch bays i passed a couple mercenaries who had just delivered an order of raspberries to a fellow Vegan apartment that i did not know the name of. i eventually arrived at the launch bay ... i knew then that i did not belong there ... so i started sneaking behind some crates and found a place to sit and watch the routine. Incoming outgoing, incoming, outgoing, i did this three more times before i decided id be going on the next outgoing. ... i had found that the first and second cart always has one person in front of the first and one behind the second facing backwards ... but the rest of the carts all faced backwards... Vega were always about thier **** patterns ... so i quickly jumped in between the 2 before i was seen and hid myself away in the pile of outgoing goods

This Vega Ship was a Dreadnought exl 250, looked like it had been through some recent raid by the Rebellion but it seemed like the place i needed to be ... for that very reason. As we lifted off i made way for the escape Pods, the launch crew would be too busy with liftoff to notice a stowaway like me was aboard. once in orbit i waited. i waited for the ship to enter extraction Zone this would be where the meteorites would be since an escape pod is designed to "escape" it would be the perfect distraction point  for the Dreadnought to be unable to fire on the pod. i waited for 2 hours before we were in range ...

i knew ... that as soon as i fired up the pod the crew on the dreadnought would be alerted to my presence so the first thing i did was shut and power lock the door... manually this would ensure that i had more time to get the pod ready without being noticed. quickly i found the 2 main buttons for launch and tapped in my specified coordinates that i had been given through an old tape recorder that was delivered to my door just a week before. That tape is now destroyed somewhere in the middle of space... just as soon as the pod powered up i broke the tracker the pod had equipped and fired up the engines, checked my wing flaps and prepared for launch

LAUNCH SEQUENCE ACTIVATED IN 10, 9.  This is it, i thought to myself, this will be the last time Vega will see me not as an ally but a formidable enemy. 5, 4.  i looked around my shoulder at the hallway where i had just come from just 2 hours earlier and saw 2 screaming faces attempting to get to me. 2, 1. TSSSS VOOO BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... quickly i grabbed the joy stick and steered my way out of the firing range of the mass cannons on the broadside of the dreadnought  i knew their ammunition was already live and waiting for me to get in the inner edge of their range.  So i had to make desperate maneuvers to avoid them i immediately dodged toward the back of the ship ... it would be easier to stay behind it and focus on  getting and staying out of range there. as i worked my way out  i kept an eye on the ships movement ... keeping an eye on the turning as it tried to veer to  fire on me with a little luck i managed to get outside its firing range again ... however that was just the easy the asteroid belt was still 10K miles out i knew the crew on the dreadnought would make chase
i kept going bee-lining for the asteroid belt, with the dreadnought on my tail i dodged twice before i arrived, now it was my turn, i needed to play pop the weasel a little bit. the dread attempted to make an effort in destroying the rocks but to no avail in order to kill me they would need to enter the belt. which also meant scratching the new coat of paint that it picked up at the launch bay. The pod had 2 forward mounted miniguns ... i knew that if i could hit the bridge a couple times before they killed me i could completely disable their sight long enough to be in the next galaxy over... far from reach

As i sought the right moment the dreadnought finally gave up firing from a distance ... i knew now was my chance for the line up shot i HAD to make this count so i moved the pod in position behind a rock and used thermal imaging to find my target. 10K meters, 8K meters, 6K... 4K, 2K, Finally i fired up my engines once again and flew over the rock thus coming down on top of my target dropping on top of the bridge i fired 4 shots right at the bridges sight-line ... Bulls-eye the maneuver activated the ships shutter masses thus blinding my foe, but i had no time to waste i needed to get out of there before they realized what happened ... so i set my coordinates and charged up the jump drive.

HYPERSPACE DRIVE ENGAGED, thank goodness they still make escape pods with these things ... i guess Vega doesn't want stranded soldiers ... not like they let them use it anyway ... hyper space jump active in 5, 4, 3, 2.1

With that out of the way it was time to set up communications with the outer reaches, i set my pod to auto pilot and began forging a makeshift radio communications device, it took me about a half an hour to do and i was already communication with the nearest rebel who pointed me in the right direction there were no rebel headquarters but there were those who knew what they were doing, i made my way to what looked like a run down shack house of a station, others thought it was just a scrap of metal ... but i sought opportunity and from there i started recruiting first  20 then 100 then 1000. i am now over 20,000 recruitment

As i began my new life as a rebel i was given a new ID number to define who i was and what feats i would make... i thought it was a subtle move but it truly defines who you really are mine is 130,150, with that i set out to make some allies at first i found a group called CF a small federation that quickly fizzled when most members found out that the leaders were corrupt. Thus CFR was formed it was the republic of CF but that also quickly Fizzled, Then came TF or The Forgotten. 

The Forgotten were second most well known fighters in the game to an organization called GOAT.  2 of our greatest warlords Zelus and Lord of War fought Valiantly but it seemed that the Gods stowed them away as keepsakes. many wars were fought. many years have passed but and many lives have been lost. but if there is one thing for certain Vega will not tear us apart. Be proud of what you are, because one day we will end their reign of tyranny!

Your Fellow Rebel and Friend,

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    Nice work.

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    ^1 thats some good f#$king work out there.
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