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    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Apr 2014 Posts: 226
    when is wcra compatible with Oppo A37F and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite(SM-T110)?
    why you keep busy for updates but not device compatibility?
    Former WCI, CT-SL
  • sharpsharp
    Joined Jul 2017 Posts: 2

    I would like to know why my choppers never defend and my tanks just sit and never fight.

  • sharpsharp
    Joined Jul 2017 Posts: 2

    I bought the avenger package and never received it. The fact is I bought it twice which shouldn't have be possible. I have waited all day for this to be made right. Nothing yet. Bad taste in my mouth. How long does it take to do the right thing. It didn't take long for them to take my money. Now I wait having been duped out of my money.

  • Big Sky Fighter
    Big Sky Fighter
    Joined Sep 2017 Posts: 2

    Hi, I bought 2 tanks and went into troop area to add the to my squad, clicked on the one tank I had and they all disappeared. How do I,get them back. You instruction on how to play are nonexistent where can I find detailed instructions on how to play???

  • mikeprocops
    Joined Sep 2017 Posts: 1

    Why don't my guns fire all the time when I am being attacked?

  • chriskbs
    Joined Jun 2017 Posts: 2

    What is happening about these redeployment tokens that we keep getting but unable to use????

  • Lucho Lobato
    Lucho Lobato
    Joined Oct 2017 Posts: 1

    How i spent torio?

  • dfgdfdd
    Joined Oct 2017 Posts: 1
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  • OSASForsure
    Joined Oct 2017 Posts: 1

    Please leave the snipers alone! They are only 2 powerful when upgraded, Mine are lvl 2 and i struggle sometimes on bases, It takes a little skill to use them effectively! UNLIKE THE ZUESES! That you are on about adding to? Everyone complains when they get hit by them lol....
    You see ive nearly enough to upgrade my snipers!
    For you then to downgrade them?
    So whats the point in adding to the zueses which a way overpowerd and downgrading a unit thats not overly?
    I mean can snipers take out machine or rail gun turrets like the zeuses?
    Can snipers take out ALL the deffences out like zeuses can?
    The answer is NO, So please leave the snipers alone for us who havnt got zeuses yet.
    I mean youve made it very hard already for us whove not got the blueprints yet for those overpowerd units yet!
    We now cant battle the easy bases without costing or losing the game!
    Ido i really need to talk about the harder bases here really?
    Virtually impossible without these "New" units yove "offerd"....
    Please fix this "balancing" out because the game is not "balanced" at all

  • Roycristobal1
    Joined Oct 2017 Posts: 4

    Hi. Why is it in the warzone if they attack my base and lost or win the revenge mode is gone. Is that the new update?

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