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What is infamy used for?

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Does infamy determine who you are put against in battle? Currently battles are too hard for me and I am very low on oil

  • lazeronu
    Joined Dec 2016 Posts: 13

    It seems that infamy is just bragging rights so to speak. There is also a ranking system. That system ranks off of your infamy score. I am not sure if they have plans to use it for any sort of currency but I would highly doubt it.

    I believe your PVP battles are based on your level.

  • CM Chris
    CM Chris
    KIXEYE Community Manager
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    Infamy determines your rank on the leaderboard, as well as contributing to your overall Alliance infamy score, which determines your Alliance's place on the leaderboard. It is not currently being used as any type of currency.

    As lazeronu says, PvP battles are based on your current base level and progression.
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