ȚheŘeal ËxtraȚerrestrials[lore]

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Jay Spring
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-Open Transmission From The "H1 Gernsy" [Deep Space Cruiser]
Star Date 49.465AU Sector-[Classified] Operation "Light House" POI~ [Pvt. Anthony David]

Transmission-- "....(Muffled Pulsing).....Sir! This Is Private Anthony David of the H1 "Gernsy" We are being pursued by....well....We Don't Know Sir...
Unidentified Vessels First Observed on Day "962" of our Deep Space OP.
We Caught our First Glimps of These "horrifying" and "Massive Vessels" While Installing "Project Lighthouse" near the border of a Viable M1 singularity.
We had problems finding a platform to support such a large "Dish." Our Initial Estimates were off.
At first, all seemed normal. Scanners were clear...Installation was Progressing...But then there was this subtle hum.
It Was faint at first, practically not even there.
But 1 by 1 we all started to hear it.
1st Acting Captain "Lawrence Weast."
Our fleet captain issued a broadcast stating awareness of a "gravitational hum."
We all disregarded this at first because a small sound is no large concern and we have been suffering catastrophic engine troubles ever since our entry into star sector [classified]....But there It Was.
It Grew Loud........though, more like it had already been loud but we were not honed in on it.
Like hearing the tv when you have the stereo on..It becomes quite clear it's there once you take notice...it became a discomfort to everyone and panick set in. People were searching and debating for almost 30 minutes as that "hum" just seemed to grow.....all fleets regrouped and aligned into a PIN formation.
As Acting Captain issued a fleet wide halt once installations finished.
We all Soon after believed this sound to be coming from the singularity itself.
But from quick observation we noticed it.
A fleet of massive ships acting as one entity...moving and interchanging....Glowing...eating the gravity...
After zooming in on each ship we saw it,... No one was piloting these ships!...
There were no observable life-forms found on cameras or sensors.
Derelict ships Sir!!!
Somehow active...we are currently in Warp being pursued relentlessly.
We are down to 2 frigates and 1 cruiser. Both other vessels are still at warp but there is no response from comms.
We cannot hold this Speed. The hull feels like it is going to crumble.
Systems are not functioning as they should. Strange voices are coming from the walls! We need assistance!!! We! We... We?........[EXPLOSION]

"Transmission incoming" (please advise)

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