Punisher Tank build (FM)

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The question is in the title...
What is a good punisher tank build for the fm?
  • Fred.Falkland
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    Three tanks with Vendettas gets me 350 million points.  Repair, repeat.

  • ScuddleBug
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    Maybe consider a Tideseeker built for the tank duties?
      I hear it does very well if done right? Better than the Pun B)
  • slayr9999
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    Maybe consider a Tideseeker built for the tank duties?
      I hear it does very well if done right? Better than the Pun B)
    I could consider that as well, same problem applies... I don't know of a good way to build it
  • slayr9999
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    Can you explain the use of the three different weapons? also I am more looking at tech someone would have who could do t4 in the FM and is trying to bump up to t5
  • black dest
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    Hello Slayr!
    Here is a build on focus for FM (penetrative and explosive antis and defenses).

    It has:
    4 Phalan 4 to deal with ships and turrets missiles, and add some pen defense.
    5 Hail Cs to deal with ships and turrets mortars, and add some exp defense. You can use Gale Defense System 3 as an option to that if you have.
    1 D98 U to remote target for your other ships mortars with good range, without the need of other specials for that.

    3 D1-M to add more pen defense without adding to much repair time  to your pun.

    1 Frontline Countermeasure: To add building defense and bonus to range and accuracy of your antimortars and antimissiles, that´s the core of good tank.
    1 Speed System 5:  To add combat and turn speed to the tank.
    1MX-3 Alloy Armor: to boost your  pen and exp defense more to withstand some pen and exp hits. You can change that to RA3 for more focus on pen defense or AA3 to more focus on exp defense if needed later.

    That´s a balanced build for that purpose.  You can add more heavy armors  or more specials, and even use more lightweight but less effective anti missiles ( Phalanx 3) or anitmortars ( Hail B), but at the cost of less pen/exp defense, that´s up to you.

  • Spydir-Byte
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    here is a progressive punisher tank build try or check these out

    Shipyard lvl 1 build


    lvl 2


    lvl 3


    lvl 5

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