[State of the Game] VEGA Conflict going forward into 2017

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I’m DreadMango the Product Manager on VEGA Conflict. I wanted to take the time to review where we’ve come since July, what’s coming in the rest of 2016, and where we’re going in 2017.

Since July, we’ve released the new Demon Corps faction, introduced the Alien faction in September, added coop battles through Alien Mobilization in October, damage fleet indicator, and public assistance in coop play with the next update. We’re not done though. We have changes to Alien Mobilization based on community feedback, catchup events and two major features still coming.

We’ve been reviewing community feedback with Alien Mobilization, and in November we’re going to address some of the player feedback.

  1. We’re going to do away with the random Gold - Bronze boxes. Players will be able to purchase the reusable weapon they want directly from the Alien Mobilization event store.

  2. We’re addressing the weapons themselves. Past prizes in Alien Mobilization have been lackluster and we’re addressing this with more powerful reusable weapons.

  3. We’re massively reducing the sector aggro ranges and reducing points costs for crafting material.

  4. Adding some variants to Alien hives to provide a new challenge for fleets 65 and 70.

  5. We realize that not everyone has a buddy to do coop targets with. We’re adding the option for public assistance in coop play. We’re also adding in solo targets with appropriate damage for a solo player.

We want to give players time to catch up on any final tech they missed out on this season before starting the new season in January. We’re running special catch up events for old riot tech (Riots 1-6), and a final Demon Corps catch up event in December. We have a separate post with the rest of the November and December schedule, so that players have time to plan their playtime with their holidays.

The first major feature in November is Bridge 6 and 7. We’ve heard your feedback and agree with you that base defense has not kept up with the increase in fleet power from crafting and Demon Corps ships and tech. Bridge 6 and 7 is a step in bringing up base defense so that it’s viable again in the late game. Addressing base defense is something that will take a couple updates to do, but the first of these major base updates will release in the next couple weeks in November. More information about Bridge 6 and 7 will be coming out over the next week.

The second major feature is Alien Harvest. Alien Harvest is a new monthly activity that allows sectors to work together to fight waves of Demon Corps and Alien targets. The final wave will spawn the new Alien Harvester boss. We’ll have more information about this new activity in a follow up post in early December.

Starting in January we’ll introduce the tier 6 player faction. Tier 6 will have heavier and more powerful ships built to deal with the Alien threat directly. The tier 6 heavier ships are best used with Fleet Bay 13. We are releasing Bridge 6 and 7 in November to allow players time to start building in preparation for tier 6 in January. Additionally, we’ll also be reviewing Civil War in Q1.

We have a lot more planned for Q1 that we’ll reveal before the end of the year. Happy hunting Rebels!

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