[Maintenance] VC Release Notes 11/17 [updated]

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VEGA Conflict is scheduled for maintenance at 7pm PST 11/17. This release contains several improvements and changes:

  • Changes to new base defense weapons to fit more in-line with established base defense norms. This should not change the effectiveness but further reward good piloting.*

    • Wave Driver Turret

      • DPS 43/75/124

      • Range 4400m - 9300m

      • Speed 1800m/s

    • Brimstone Torpedo Turret

      • DPS 90/140/210

      • Range 3000-8400m

      • Speed 1800m/s

      • Projectiles now detonate at their correct range, inline with the ship version.

    • Storm Driver Turret

      • DPS 90/160/255

      • Range 2500-7600

  • Support for new reusable items:

    • Infernal Gatling Ray.

    • Infernal Vector Torpedo.

    • Infernal Wave Driver.

  • Support for the next iteration of Alien Mobilization

    • Selectable public co-op assistance.

    • New prize options:

      • New Infernal Demon Corps Weapon prizes.

      • Lowered store cost of crafting material prizes.

      • Removed gold-bronze strongboxes.

      • Added direct redemption of reusable weapons.

    • Level 40 and 45 co-op targets.

    • Updated level 65 and 70 co-op targets to present a new challenge for elite players.

    • Elite level 75 single-player target.

    • Alien targets now have reduced sector aggro ranges.

  • Tweaks to Skirmish Armor:

    • Remove Explosive Resistance*

    • Resistance changed to 3/6/10% energy resistance.*

  • High level sector targets now grant resources at a rate of 35% Ore, 35% H3, 30% AM.

*Due to Apple’s release schedule, users on iOS may not see the visual aspects of some of these changes until the VEGA Conflict app is updated. However, all of these changes will be effective on the back end and iOS players will not receive any advantage/disadvantage.


We will be buffing the Skirmish Armor by increasing the health stat. This will be included in the December release. New armor stat will be as follows:  
  • Skirmish Armor 1: 760HP
  • Skirmish Armor 2: 1150HP
  • Skirmish Armor 3: 1740HP
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  • Sean Irizarry
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    How come brimstone turret gets to travel all the way to the intended target then releases its ordnance and brimstone for ship doesnt? If it did the brimstone would be the best weapon ever. Or at leasr remove the battleship restriction as it shouldnt be on battleships only.

    I'm just here to see butthurt players lol You know who you are :P
  • Todd7123
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    @Don't Speak said:
    So do we get a free refit on the base weapons as you have now changed the characteristics before the refit has even finished. Which is a real kick in #@$%&;* to players.

    The changes were announced prior to the start of the event
    This is just the update that installed them.

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  • SwarmX
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    So do we get a free refit on the base weapons as you have now changed the characteristics before the refit has even finished. Which is a real kick in #@$%&;* to players.

    Lol really? Will take one day to refit a cm if you don't like it. Get real
  • angel_xx
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    So you nerfed a well balanced armor but left the OP Manifold missile without a fix? 
  • @CM_Scarlett said:

    VEGA Conflict will be going down for maintenance on 11/17 at 7pm Pacific Time. We expect the downtime to last 3 hours. Release notes will be posted below as soon as possible.

    [update: this maintenance has been rescheduled to 11/17 at 7pm]

  • Tony Mai
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    Anything about Manifold Missile dealing incorrect damage?
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  • CM Scarlett
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    Coelus said:

    I like how you put the skirmish armor thing down at the bottom, get ready for a lot of unhappy players. And no, the drop to max range was not announced early, that post is still up even.

    We regret that the Storm Driver Turret range reduction was not included in the original list. This has been updated on the Valhalla Special Event briefing.
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  • Can ones don't have all the old carriers or others and some how put in a gift box ones are new players that will have a chance
    On my base I go by deathstar soul I'm lv 42 and I will have no way getting a carrier or get a dread ship or others I need help before new changes come up next year 2017

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