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I noticed kix has changed its focus toward mini events and has been trying to figure out how to move them to be during the week so I figured they could use this one.

An arena event that takes a full week to complete. The concept is that each player can create a team and each team must conform to all current rules I.E. 1 carrier, max of 6 ships/players, weight limits, ect and they fight just like any other pvp battle with some slight differences.
Each member can only control 1 ship.
Each member must compete a given number of times to receive awards.
Each team can only compete a given number of times per weak.
No time limit; it's pointless to run away.
Damaged ships must be repaired.
A player who leaves the fight/is disconnected will be controlled by the AI. - maybe give a team mate the option to jump in for him however this would be exploitable.
The team leader acts like an alliance leader for his team and can kick players. Each team can have a Max of 6 players. Maybe 10 would be better but then that would leave some other questions to be answered.
A team can enter a que and wait to be matched. Once a match is found players have 60 seconds to hit accept. Once all allocated players have accepted, the players have 10s to choose their starting formation before any ships are deployed. A 15s timer then starts to begin the match and the teams can now see each other as well as their own team mates destinations.
Each player gets ranked based on his own personal contribution.
Each team gains and looses points based on their team's win or loss.
When a new team is created, the team is matched up against players who rank between their player rank and team rank until a reasonable team rank can be established.

I have no idea how your going to make this follow the story line though....

Prizes can be BPs or a mix of drops. Maybe base upgrades. Please for the love of god no base crafting.

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