Base rebalance

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I propose that bases be rebalanced thusly.
  • All base weapons and squadrons are totally removed from the game.  Anyone with special base weapons will receive the BP for the equivalent ship counterpart.
  • Base modules add an extra 90-100% range to all weapons (not squadrons).
    • This would make a Gladius have a range of 9,000-10,000.  Current range is 9,000
  • Squadrons would receive a 1,000-2,000 range bonus.
  • Armor would receive a bonus of 10x the health value.
  • All ship armor can be applied to bases.
    • AM armor would have a new tbd mechanic when used in a base.
  • Base modules would have their max weight lessened to account for the changes.
  • Base shields are already weak.  Keep current ship values.  No change.
  • Base guns have their damage increased by a multiplier to be determined.
  • All bases receive a free 1 week protection after the changes are implemented, as well as a bonus refit time.

This would, of course, give bases all the weapons that fleets have.  Among other things, energy weapons would start being viable on bases.  Obviously, the exact numbers would need some work, but in theory, most of it is sound.  This would also fix the continual power creep of ships vs bases.
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