Daily missions - suggestion

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As we all know, daily missions are always the same, and sometimes even really annoying to do and you just wanna skip it and lose out on BA. Like Collect X schematics from lvl X fleets for example. I'm sure everyone would welcome a change to daily missions, with more variety, and i know it's been requested already...
But here's another request/suggestion:  How about adding some armaments to the reward? A small random armament reward? Like something between 50-500, depending on the "quality" of the armaments, I.E 500 Rebel Armaments or like 25-50 Demon Corps armaments etc, random drop...
Please, show our dailies some love kixeye!
Thx for listening!
  • Brad Schwacher
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    pattern or core rewards would be way more enticing

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    Or even throw a few dozen coins in there every once in a while...like a daily grab bag. You get blood amber + 1 random roll.
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