New Base Defense Structure idea..

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My thought is to have an upgradable "Hanger"

The idea is this.

• the "hanger" will allow you to "load" a ship(s) to attack enemy fleets during base attacks..

• The "Hanger" will be upgradable structure. Each upgrade earns a higher total mass. And or, another ship slot.

• When attacked or scouted the ship(s) auto launch an AI controlled fleet. Or perhaps, this could be a nice segway to allow you as a spectator of your base being attacked to control "something" during the battle) sounds fun to me. But I would be happy with either version..

• No flagships allowed imo. Would be to OP.

• Undecided wether the "Hanger" should have a scramble field or not. Maybe the community and CM input can help. Personally it might be needed in the event your ally accidentally misclicks the invader and hits your base..

• As far as specifics to how many ships or how much mass a Hanger could have I leave that to the commenters or the Devs at Kixeye to find a good formula.

Even if it has a low mass requirement. Maybe I can dust off some of my tier 1 and 2 hulls to do the job..

Summary: I think something like this could allow a new dynamic when it comes to base attacks and base fleets. If not at least be a little pesky to the intruders..

What's you thoughts?

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