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A little while ago someone asked in the forums if we could have more fleet tabs.  We have 7 now, while i understand why this was desired i can understand why cmlxc shot this down.  Would take a redesign of the UI and take up even more of the screen.

In the same thread i suggested instead of more tabs how about we are able to preset fleets that can be swapped out with just 1 click.  Cmlxc said this would be a more appropriate idea and something they would look into.

Its been some time (few months) since this was discussed so i thought id make an offical post about this idea.

It is a cumbersome task to start removing 6 ships (6 double clicks)  then scrolling thru our inventory and adding each hull 1 by 1 and then trying to remember to set your desired formation for said fleet.

90% of the ships in my inventory are each designed and built to be in a specific fleet,  meaning the same 6 ships (or 5) are always assigned together, and always get the same formation.

What we need to smooth out gameplay and speed up wasted time in the fleetbay is the ability to save preset fleets and name them.  A few clicks and our favorite fleet can be swapped out in a matter of seconds, with the desired formation.

We can have all of our main combat fleets saved ready to be swapped out at a moments notice.
Low on res? instantly swap out combat fleets for farming fleets.

There is nothing worse then getting into a combat situation and scrambling to put ships together to go fight, realize you put in a wrong ship by mistake or forgot to set your formation for that specific fleet.

Please feel free to share your comments about this idea, but please keep it on topic.  Thanks for reading.
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