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Welcome to the KIXEYE forums! This is your place to interact with fellow gamers who share the same passion as you; playing kickass games! Join alliances, make connections, share battle strategies, and more! It's also your spot to stay up-to-date on the latest game news and share your feedback with the company through our amazing community team. You can click on our names below and it'll take you straight to our profiles.

Battle Pirates

CM_Major_Rampage (Battle Pirates Community Manager) - words

Laredo (Moderator) - words

Specialist aka Specs (Moderator) - words

Templar614 (Moderator) - words

The_Vengeful_One (Moderator) - words

War Commander

CM Sulaco 2 (War Commander Community Manager) - words

covehomer (Moderator) - words

CyberToad (Moderator) - words

Comm.Soviet-Union (Moderator) - words

Vega Conflict

KIXEYE Swag (Vega Conflict Community Manager) - words

hellhound.rus (Russian Moderator) - words

Todd7123 (Moderator) - words

xResidentx (German Moderator) - words


Hyperius (Moderator) - words

Skipjack (Moderator) - words

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