Forum strategy, discipline and Moderator duties

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I´ve been a mod in many game-forums so I know what is possible and what is not.
Looking at this forum (as a whole) it seems to me like it is lacking some administrative discipline. Especially during last (alien-)event a lot of merging/editing was done and from what I surveyed everything was done on the front page (i.e. General Discussion).

@"KIXEYE Swag" said in the BV Interview that the mods tried to keep the "frontpage" as clean as possible by merging all the event related topics into one thread which is fine, but why does everything have to be on the front page.

 Here are my suggestions and just to prove me wrong (that only the "frontpage" is important) - I´d like to have at least 1-2 mods and/or CMs (especially Swag) to reply in some way to this post.

  1. There are multiple forum pages where mostly the "frontpage" is used for everything. There are no guidelines/rules which topics should be in what sub-page, neither for the audience nor for the moderators (if there are they are ignored by both the audience and the mods). IF the CMs really want a change in the forum discipline I really suggest that some guidelines should be established for players and mods to move all topics to their respective place. Along with that a certain discipline needs to be followed by the mods to move "runaways" to the correct place(s).
  2. Especially Events/new changes will increase forum traffic (be it constructive or destructive). I suggest to create one forum page explicitly to EVENTS. Announcements, complaints, explanations, videos and every other event-related topic can be dealt with there. After the event (when the horse is really dead) all topics could be moved to the archive.
  3. Changes to the game should also get a separate page because even minor changes might have a huge impact that the Devs might not notice when they implement them.
I really advice to lay down a forum strategy since what I see is just a reactive way of dealing with things.

End of transmission.

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