"Add to Friendlies" and Diplomacy (still) needs a revamp

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Months ago, CM LXC talked about a much needed upgrade - new alliance statuses.  This is something that we still need, especially with co-op fights.  I haven't hear anything on this subject in quite a while.  When will we be getting this?
  1. We need the ability to add alliances to a friendly list.
  2. We need a lot more slots in diplomacy. 
  • Maybe alliances can have levels too.
  • Perhaps make it level-based where the diplomacy slots depends on how many medals the alliance has.
  • Maybe instead use how much combined base exp the members have.
  • People we have added to friendlies need their names to show up as a different color on the map.
  • We need the option to add entire alliances to a personal friendly list.
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