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Commander Centurion
Commander Centurion
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I haven't seen much discussion on the effectiveness of what weapons would do better on the alien squadrons, and why, but I would like to ask and compare which weapons would be preferable, and what hulls to use, on the alien flagships.

I've seen Aurora Ray, Hydra Missile and Storm Driver put off as good anti-squadron weapons for your fleet- is this true? And if so, what formation, what strategy? I wish to know your opinions and experiences.

  • cderalow
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    aurora, vector torp and creeper have traditionally been most effective against squads in terms of bases and player fleets.

    they've been fairly effective in my limited use against the aliens.
  • Sonidojoo
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    npc squadrons have way more hp than player squadrons and wing
  • Warshadow_EMP
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    Reverb Cruisers work well.

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