BP Fan Creations Rules & Guidelines

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Welcome to the BP Fan Creations section!

This section of the Kixeye forums is for the posting of anything creative that you Bpers can produce. The material for this section can include:
  • Photoshopped BP-related images
  • Original BP-related graphics
  • BP-related stories/pirate shanties
  • BP-related videos (both original and in-game)

Notice that the term "BP-related" was included in each of the above mentioned topics. Please refrain from posting threads that are not BP-related. Inappropriate (sexual, vulgar, etc) images are also not allowed.

For ease of viewing for other forumers (and to keep this section from getting flooded), please maintain a single thread if you are a frequent poster of photoshopped images, stories or other such threads. Multi-chapter threads for the same story are unneeded and will clog a section. So please plan ahead when you're creating a new thread. If you plan on adding several chapters, you can list them in the 1st post then once you have posted them within the thread a link to that chapter can be added to the 1st post directing readers to that particular chapter. It's all about being a good thread author.

Although this section is a bit more "relaxed", please do try to stay on the topic of the thread you are posting in. This isn't the "Pointless Spam" or "Anything Goes" section. Comments on the stories/art work/etc are fine, but the forum rules still apply here. Help keep this section open by abiding by the rules. Thank you.

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