Meet Your New Community Manager...

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    i read this and it makes me laugh ..

    did any of you posting here got to see kixeye video about how players are treated and what percentage of the player base real read forums and of those even less then 1% write in here?

    did any of our requests even get to be an alert on those data sheets spreadsheets and all the important coin maker sheets kixeye uses to change the game and are those ONLY that provide changes in the game?

    did you noticed that after all the build time were reduced on ship we most had and increase in newer one so we got back were we were?

    BP is a piece of crap none of the players in vega say anything good about BP so why anyone would think a CM from BP would be great on VC?
    VC is loosing every time a new "coin Feature"  hits the game like the last alien event that some of us end up with 45 hours of repair and what kixeye did? ...yeah told us to go that place wont be nice to meet you sorry CM you wont give us anything else better then all the previous CM did.
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    Dear Sir my name iDenton  my account was hacked facebook lock my account and person has added another email and phone number to security so when fb send me things to unlock my game it loops back to same thing because email he attached is not mine , this person has deleted over 2,070 of my friends all play warcommander , use my bank card attached to acct and used my gold that I had on it Sir I have a level 44 account that I work hard on and has spent thousands and here it is a hacker from another country has access to my account on Kixeye side Sir I need my account back b4 he do more damage then what he has already done , hitting my friends and such, my user ID is 3079821, I have plenty of video and such from my acct, I tweet with kixeye support they said contact the community manager  my email is [email protected], Sir please take care of this at least get me my acct on kixeye side at least  ty BLAST MOD SOCOM SOCOM FOUNDER AND LEADER
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